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Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

garage door repair in St. LouisThe sound of screeching, squealing or grinding garage door is annoying, but the sound is a vital signal for a home owner that the springs of the garage door requires immediate attention. Providing routine maintenance twice a year for the springs of the garage door be it torsion or extension addresses problems that arise due to normal wear of repeated up and down movement, checks any adverse effect of the season and the weather, and allows early detection of a fault in the mechanism itself.

What you need to know

Most of the elements required to lubricate the garage door springs are regular household items such as cotton rags, a mild detergent and lubricating oil (such as WD-40).

Maintaining garage door springs

Step 1

Apply a thin lubricating oil line on top of the torsion springs from one end to the other. Allow the oil to coat the outside of the docks and seep between the seams.

Step 2

Apply a thin line of lubricating oil over the entire length of the extension springs. Allow the oil to penetrate the seams of the springs and cables.

Step 3

Open and close the garage door two to three times once the oil is applied to allow the lubricant to completely cover the inner portion of the springs.

Step 4

Continue the maintenance exercise by lubricating all hinges, seals, rollers and pivot points which are the moving parts of the garage door mechanism.

Step 5

Clean any grease, dirt and debris in the tracks of the roller with a cloth moistened with a solution of water and detergent. Consult the owner’s manual for instructions on whether the oil can or cannot be applied to leads for your particular model of garage door.

Tips & Warnings

Grease torsion and extension springs once or twice a year and all moving parts, including hinges and rollers an additional three times a year.

When greasing torsion or extension springs, do not attempt to repair or fix the problems encountered during routine maintenance. This is because broken or defective springs could be dangerous. Consult a professional garage door technician to resolve problems with faulty springs. We have lot of such people who does garage door repair in St. Louis, and they are cost effective.